The Coffee Gods Were Furious When They Saw THIS!

It’s 35 degrees Celsius outside (or 95 degrees Fahrenheit for our American comrades), and your caffeine withdrawals are beginning to kick in…of course you don’t want to chug back caffeinated liquid lava that could increase your internal temperature to boiling status.

So what is a caffeine junkie to do in such a predicament?

The answer…voilà…ESPRESSO TONIC!


Yeah we know…sounds OUTRAGEOUS. But check out the video below from our fellow caffeine junkies at LavAzza, and you may have a change of heart.

(WARNING: Before watching the video below be sure to grab a paper towel, as it may induce frothing from the mouth.)

#espressotonic has become a viral sensation on Instagram in recent months, spreading throughout major cities like Tokyo, Melbourne, Stockholm and Berlin.

So are you going to give it a try?

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