The #1 New Trend Re-Inventing Coffee Culture

Umm did we miss something? Have the hipsters gone too far with this one? We will let you decide…introducing the ‘Avolatte’ and ‘Carrot-cino’. We can only assume this is what happens when your local cafe runs out of coffee cups and their dishwasher breaks. One must improvise and re-invent the wheel right?


Recently cafes in Turkey and Australia have been sharing their veggie and fruit creations with the world.


Although the practically of the new beverages seems very questionable, with leaking being a main deterrent, the visual appeal is very inviting. If Starbucks is hurting for ideas so much so that they have introduced such appalling drinks as the Unicorn Frappuccino, maybe the ‘Avolatte’ and ‘Carrot-cino’ ideas are not so far fetched.

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