Could Keg Stands @ Starbucks Be The Next BIG Thing?

OK college and university goers…you no longer have to hit your local weekend campus party in order to guzzle from dorm room keggers. Starbucks has solved your woes!

But there’s a catch…these Starbucks beer-like kegs…they actually contain nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee! A far cry from a nice cold lager, but in our opinion the next best thing.


The coffee giant plans to bring this hipster dream to more than 14,000 US locations by the end of this year. The chain is pushing their chilled coffee beverage line to the masses, since producing an annual sales increase of 25% after the launch of their cold-brew coffee in 2015 (Source: Bloomberg).


Starbucks has infused their cold-brew coffee with nitrogen to create a beverage with the consistency and visual appeal akin to a dark beer. And of course there is no alcohol..but instead CAFFEINE for all our fellow caffeine junkies out there!

The company has a few other nitro-based ideas in the pipeline, and are currently testing a nitro flat white and nitro peach tea flavour – in thirty stores later this summer. However, the most appealing new Starbucks feature has to be their nitro cold-brew coffee bike – a tap and keg system on wheels!


So…how does Starbuck’s nitro cold-brew coffee stack up against your local coffee shop’s variety? Let us know in the comment section!

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