Your Senses Will Tingle After Watching This Perfect Cappuccino Lesson

You always see baristas putting in work and creating those whimsical coffee designs and perfect cups of joe. Well….2010 World Barista Champion, Michael Phillips, gives us the low-down on how to construct the perfect cup of cappuccino. Follow his steps outlined below and you will be well on your way toward your own championship!

  1. Ensure cup is nice and hot; prepare with hot water
  2. Prepare portafilter; clean and dry; use digital scales to measure weight
  3. Grind coffee; dose timed out version of coffee to guarantee precision
  4. Levelling; shift coffee grounds around top of basket to get even surface
  5. Compress bed of coffee with tamper
  6. Lock portafilter in to begin pulling shot
  7. Empty hot water from cup
  8. Consider coffee dose, yield and time of shot
  9. Flush water through the group head and lock in portafilter nice and tight
  10. Steam milk at surface to add desired amount of texture; lift picture to bring temperature up
  11. Wipe off and purge steam wand
  12. Tap milk (polishing) and give swirl for nice white gold cadillac milk shine
  13. Enjoy!


Follow 2010 World Barista Champion, Michael Phillips, on Instagram here.

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